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HI there. I want to share my wireless network across two buildings which are approximately 150m apart. I dnt want to use a cable. Plus I once tried the high gain antena but it appears to worse than before. Anyone with a more parcatical approach to this. I also once tried to put a wireless reapeater but there is very hlittle improvement.

Thank you in advance

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Well a cable is always way better especially  if it's a fibre cable. High gain antenna remain susceptible  to throughput loss and since  the rf spectrum used by wifi is unregulated it competes with other wifi device making connection over significant distances very poor. 

However, since you still want ot use wireless, I would suggest you try  point to point professional radio which are specifically built for this purpose. In cisco land U might be looking at an Aironet 1500 but that wld be too much for such a short distance and unnecessarily more expensive. Look up for cheaper options.

Thanks so much, this looks like a more workable and practical solution but the network is very small. Its just a workgroup of 5-8 users and I dnt want to invest a lot into it
Trendnet TEW 638-APB
or any other Trendnet(i recommend them) device with a WDS option.
Configure the other router as access point and the other as a bridge to extended your wireless network(it's not very difficult).

Carefully align the antennas (this is very important) such that the dipoles are parallel to each other for a good signal.

That should cause a $200 damage and that's as cheap as it gets.
just get a second router and line from telone
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